Devan DuPerry
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Born in Mountain City, Tennessee on October 06, 2005.
Passed away on November 30, 2005 .
His Obituary
For You My Baby Boy Devan Who is Up In Heaven

Grandmaw Loves You and Sends these Gardenias to You to 

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Hope they Smell as Beautiful as they Look
2007 Happy Thanksgiving Wishes to Devan From Grandma

Happy Thanksgiving to my little grandson Devan and all our love ones who have went before us. Have a glorious day with your glorious family members and those special visitors, God and Jesus, whose smiles will glow like the sun and whose love you will feel the second they are close to you. I know you are happy little Devan, as we all will be one day when the circle becomes unbroken.
Happy Thanksgiving!! I'm blowing kisses your way, make sure you great-grandpa gets one or two. 
With Love and Prayers Always.....

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